Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Forgive the falling shofar

In preparation for my High Holiday pulpit, I have been practicing the liturgy and reading up about the liturgy to get ideas for what I want to share with the congregation. Today, as I was reading about the Yom Kippur liturgy, and silently retranslating from English back into Hebrew, sort of half-humming to myself "selach lanu, mechal lanu, ka-aper la-anu" (basically 3 ways to say forgive us), the ground began to shake. I sat there stunned and just watched the glasses in the cabinet in front of me, willing them not to fall. The ground shook a bit harder, and I heard a big thump behind me. My mind was racing - realizing that we haven't yet done much to earthquake-proof the new apartment. Things calmed back down pretty rapidly, though it took a little longer for my heart to stop racing. I did a quick survey of the apartment. The only thing that had fallen out of place was our giant shofar. Makes me wonder what G-d is trying to say to me.

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